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Hi, I'm Shubha! I spend most of my time in Boulder, CO studying computer science (w/ a minor in economics) @ the University of Colorado Boulder. I spend the rest of my time in the Bay Area, where I grew up.
Feel free to say hi!

What I've Been Up To Lately...

+ Summer 2018: Developer Advocate Intern at Typeform

+ Summer 2018: Engage Scholar at Pinterest

+ Summer 2018: Helped organize Spectra, where we brought together college aged women to build something awesome!

+ Summer 2018: Ran my first half marathon!

+ Summer 2018: Attended Twitter's #DevelopHER

+ Fall 2018: Attended my first Grace Hopper Conference with a scholarship from Qualcomm!

+ Fall 2018/ Spring 2019: Course assistant for Algorithms(CSCI 3104, spring) and Software Development Methods and Tools(CSCI 3308, fall)

+ Winter 2019: led HackCU as a director where we brought together more than 700+ people from across the world!

+ Spring 2019: Started practicing yoga every day!


+ Summer 2019: I'll be interning at Twitter this summer as a Software Engineer!

+ Summer 2019: Co-directing Spectra,

+ Summer 2019: Running another half marathon!

+ Spring 2019/Summer 2019: learning more about distributed systems, natural language processing, practicing more yoga, running more miles, and eating healthy!

Recent Projects

Mapbox/ D3.js

Boulder Crime Explorer

An interactive tool for visualizing crime in the city of Boulder. The goal is to help citizens and public officials better understand crime in the city of Boulder. The dataset we used is provided as part of the Boulder Open Data Catalog. Won 'Best Use of an API' and 'Best UI/UX' at T9Hacks .

Twilio/ HTML/ JS


Won the 'Global Citizenship' award presented by KPCB at CHIMEHACK 4 for creating a platform that helps young mothers in refugee camps ask confidential questions about their health through SMS to certified volunteers and professionals who can provide answers to them through a web based chat platform. (Here's our project featured in Cosmopolitan)


Recently Played

A web app that gets information about the latest played song (title, artist, album cover, album name) from my Spotify account using LastFM's Rest API. Integrated this feature on my personal website.


More Coming Soon

Check out my Github to see what I've been up to lately


Typeform Eng.

Receive Automatic SMS Notifications for Typeform Submissions with Webhooks, AWS, and Twilio

"Using Typeform’s webhook, I was able to get the response data automatically once a user pressed submit, and through AWS Lambda and API Gateway, finally send the data as an SMS using the Twilio SMS API."


Attending Twitter’s #DevelopHER and Meeting Jack Dorsey

"At the end of the day, saying goodbye to all of them was hard. I had learned so much, and left the day feeling more inspired than ever. #DevelopHER has been one of the most supportive and inclusive communities I’ve been a part of."

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